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Guard Llama is personal safety device with 24/7 monitoring and direct access to police. At Guard Llama, they hope that individuals are never in an unsafe situation, but when they are, their complete personal security system is there to help. In the event of an emergency, the Guard Llama mobile app and companion handheld remote enables users to immediately and discreetly send their information (security profile, pertinent medical information, and GPS location) to the nearest police dispatch center.

All of this is done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Keep the remote in an easy-to access location. Ensure your phone is no more than 100ft away
  2. In the event of an emergency - flip the remote’s security lid and press the button twice
  3. Help is on its way!
The remote allows their users to keep their phones completely out of sight, minimizing the time and danger associated with a traditional 9-1-1 call. The result is drastically increased response time, and in turn, any location (no matter how unfamiliar) becomes a safer place.

Project Overview

Guard Llama is looking to revamp their visual identity, tone, messaging and apply the new design direction to their website. This involves establishing a new color palette, fonts, design style, information architecture and updated messaging to the website. Guard Llama will also apply this new visual identity and copy platform to their product packaging and printed marketing collateral.

Project Objectives

  1. Establish legitimacy, trust and validation that the product will protect and help those in trouble
  2. Show how simple it is to use the product, even for those that aren’t tech savvy
  3. Increase Guard Llama’s mobile performance
  4. Generate messaging that’s broad enough to speak to Guard Llama’s diverse target audience, but not so broad that makes the product seem irrelevant

Information Architecture


This moodboard is developed from Guard Llama's old color palette. I also added a bright teal color to make it more vibrant and modern. Besides the updated color palette, the moodboard also includes images of target audience, and product use cases to deliver secure, clean, trustworthy and reliable image to audiences.



UI Elements


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