Lean Hiring Infographics


  • Client: Newton Software
  • Date: November, 2015

Newton Software is a hiring software for small and medium size employers. This infographics is designed for Newton Software's Lean Hiring Content Kit, which is for marketing purposes. The color palette used is to create clean and modern touch to the design. Click to check OLD VERSION


All these illustrations are original, and were created for this project specifically.

The hiring software developed by Newton Software stores job applicants' information in the Cloud that allows recruiters to track in the system. All these processes have to be accomplished on a computer. That is why there is an illustration of a desktop with "We are hiring" on its screen, to indicate the hiring process is done through computers.

The boy running straight forward instead of tracing the dashed winding path, is to show "to simplify your recruiting process by eliminating waster steps" in the first key. Recruiters should also share decision making responsibilities inside the team. So I created a guy cheering in front of his computer for getting inspired after discussion with the team. The target with arrows to show the concept of being consistent. Because shooting the target requires a lot of consistent practice.

Final Design

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