Message Mate


  • Client: OwnerListens
  • Date: June, 2015

OwnerListens is a startup which provides real time private business messaging solutions between customers and SMB. Customers can text business owners directly through their app or numbers provided by the business.

Message Mate is a responsive web product I designed for OwnerListens. It is a few lines of code that website owners can add to their websites. Customers of OwnerListens could design and get a little widget that pops out with contact information on their websites through using Message Mate.


The flow starts from basic description of the product. First, the business owners have to select a plan if they are interested in adding the widget to their websites. Second, they will choose colors and texts to design their Message Mate. Then they need to choose the text messages delivery setting options, since their customers will text them to that number provided on the widget. In the end, a confirmation window with code and other options will pop up. Users usually will check this product out on desktop and mobile platforms.


Final Design

Users will go through the steps one by one on this page.

The page with popup window when a plan is selected. It shows the code with instructions.

Mobile Version

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