Mode: Fashion App for Men


  • Project Type: Graduate Thesis Project
  • Date: May, 2016

MODE is an app which provides quick fashion advice and convenient clothing delivery services for young male working professionals. Key functions include user detected left/right swipes made popular by Tinder, saving liked styles in a list, quick shopping cart access. Click to check MODE prototype

The Problem

More and more men care about fashion styles nowadays. But a lot of busy young male working professionals find it time-consuming and overwhelming to figure out fashion trends by themselves. Some of them don’t even know where to start.

The Need

Fast-paced lifestyles, rising smartphone ownership and connectivity, busy young male working professionals desire for convenience in help with style recommendations and clothing selection.

The Solution

Build an iOS app that brings efficient fashion advice and new introductions in delivery services to busy young male working professionals:

  • Popular styles in stacks are provided for users to choose from.
  • Swipe function inspired by Tinder helps with quick decision making.
  • Preference settings make search results more specific.
  • Liked styles will be automatically saved as a list.
  • Quick in-app purchase.

Design Process

This thesis book contains the whole process of user experience design and interface design from ideation to marketing research to user testings.

Click Here To View Thesis Book

Information Architecture

Data Flow Diagram


Inspired by Tinder, the concept of the app is simple and easy to use. I came up with the following lo-fi mockups, after solidifying task flows with some potential users.


Final Design

Concept Video

Testing Results

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