Newton Software Website Redesign


  • Client: Newton Software
  • Date: January, 2016

Newton Software is a tech company providing hiring service for small and medium-sized employers. The redesign aims at creating a modern, clean and simple informational website for Newton Software, to make its clients better understand how Newton Software works.


The image to the right is the old homepage of Newton Software. It contains a lot of information, and not intuitive enough for users to immediately understand what Newton Software really is. Since it lacks informational navigation, it looks very busy and confusing. The styles of graphics and icons used are also out of date.


Add web icons and screenshots of product details, reduce the amount of texts, and organize layout to create a clean intuitive interface with easy to understand introductions of Newton Software.


I used more negative spaces, and added a clean bright background image with short introductions of Newton Software in the landing page part to show simplicity and cleanliness. The following part is brief description of product details with different functional screenshots. I follow the flow from the original website. Then add a few illustrations and graphics to make it look more modern. The redesign has more hierarchy by good application of negative spaces.

Other Pages and Patterns

I utilized the same design style for other pages to make everything look consistent. The navigations for different features of the product were on the left column on product page. It took users too much time to scroll down. I put them altogether on the top of the page, that users can see them directly without scrolling.

I also used a few simple intuitive icons to indicate different functional features of Newton Software, instead of using long paragraphs of descriptions.

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